Pregnancy Care Center Website Packages Terms & Conditions


Package pricing and availability is based on signed 2-year commitment from the customer. Should the agreement be cancelled prematurely, the customer is responsible for 75% of the remaining agreement cost (in total). Cancellation payment must be made within 14 days of agreement cancellation. Package pricing is subject to change after each agreement term.


Mobile-responsive design: The website will be optimized for current generation mobile devices available at the time of website development. Does not account for legacy/outdated models or operating systems. Additional development labor may be required to optimize website for devices not available at the time of development.

User-friendly CMS: The Content Management System (CMS) will allow for authorized users to access the website and manage pages, content and user accounts. An online manual will be provided for reference.

Web hosting: Includes the configuration and hosting of CMS-based website, files, database(s) and other assets; Includes up to 250mb of storage space (additional storage available for purchase); storage space to be used for necessary website resources only. Video hosting/streaming not included. Audio hosting/streaming services available for an additional fee. External database access and FTP access not available. Routine service maintenance included. Hosting includes allowance for unlimited website pages, assuming the total site’s file size is 250mb or smaller.

SSL security: Includes configuration of SSL certificate, which will be renewed as needed, while the customer has an active Website Package agreement in place. SSL certificate will no longer function if the website is moved to another host.

New web design every 2 years: After the customer’s initial 2-year term has ended, the website will be eligible to have a new design applied, based on the current Website Package template design(s), if the customer enters into the next 2-year agreement. Does not guarantee transfer of custom template theme elements that may have been implemented per the customer’s request. Custom elements may require additional labor approval to include with the new design.

Ongoing CMS & plugin updates: CMS upgrades will be applied to the customer’s website, as needed (if a major build is released or if the existing version of the CMS needs to be upgraded due to functionality, performance or security reasons). This applies to modules/plugins as well. We will communicate with the customer should this work be necessary.

Help desk support: Includes access to our help desk ticketing system. Feature requests, content management requests, and other new work will be quoted at our lowest preferred non-profit labor rates. Other requests will be handled in a timely manner, to ensure any issues are addressed as soon as possible.

Online manual: Access to our online CMS manual will be provided, which can be used as a reference, while interacting with website maintenance and administration.

Search Engine Optimization: The CMS has Search Engine Optimization (SEO) elements built-in that are activated by default. The website package performance is also optimized for performance, which also has a positive impact on the site’s overall SEO. Advanced SEO development is available for an additional cost.

Video embedding: In general, the CMS allows for video content to be embedded, if they video service offers an HTML embed code. YouTube and Vimeo are recommended video services. does not allow for video file hosting and/or streaming, as a part of this package.

Web forms capabilities: A simple online forms module is available to use, and can be created and managed by the customer. Web forms allow for data to be submitted to one or more email addresses and can also store data in the website’s database. Does not include payment processing (requires additional development).

Stock image collection: Stock images will be available for use in the CMS file manager. These will include images pre-formatted for use as hero images, as well as images to be used within page content. The customer may upload custom images as needed. Additional images can be purchased on the customer’s behalf, but the cost will be passed along.

Starter content: The customer’s website will come with pre-built pages, which include starter content. This content is meant to be replaced/updated with the customer’s own content.

Google Analytics Integration: If the customer provides a Google Analytics tracking ID, it will be integrated with the CMS. If necessary, we can facilitate account setup on the customer’s behalf, for an additional cost. If two sites are developed, we will need a tracking ID for each site.

Domain name management: We will provide basic domain name management services, if necessary, as a part of the package project. This includes domain name purchase or transfer for 1 domain name. If multiple domain names or advanced DNS management is necessary, we will provide a quote for additional labor required.


Online donation capabilities: Includes the inclusion of customer’s third-party donation solution (embedded form, link to form, etc.). or an online donation form module will be configured with the customer’s payment gateway information (supports or PayPal). Customer is responsible for payment gateway account setup.

Events: Includes the ability to utilize an Events page template that will allow for easy creation for event pages. Template includes fields such as date, time, location, link to register, directions, and event details.

Blog: Includes a blog module that can be activated if necessary, by the customer.

Site index blocking: The customer’s Donor website can be blocked from search indexing, to keep it hidden from Google and other search engines. Performed upon request. Donor website will be indexable by default.

Mailing list integration: Allows for MailChimp subscription box to be embedded on the website. Additional providers can be integrated but may require additional labor to be approved.

Social media integration: Applicable social media icons will be included on the Donor website, and linked to the various accounts. Other modules may also include sharing options, such as the Blog.


eKryos scheduler integration: We will help to facilitate the integration of the eKyros scheduler on the website. Should the customer decline to use the eKyros scheduler, a generic online scheduler can be used in its place.


Single or separate domains: For combo packages, the customer may choose to have two separate websites at two separate domain names, or a single website can be used, which will include both Client and Donor elements – using a single domain name.

Alternate color scheme per site: If two websites are to be used, the Donor and Client sites can have varied color schemes (along with different images and content).


Website maintenance: A specific allotment of time to be used over the course of a year, toward providing web maintenance services, including content management, basic graphic design, user management or other basic tasks. Additional feature requests will be quoted separately, at the lowest available non-profit rate.

Personalized CMS training (annually): Up to 2 hours allotted for live CMS training with a member of the staff. Training can be conducted over the phone via online conference (includes screen sharing), or in-person at the office in Grand Rapids, MI. This is available once per year.

Basic Google Ads campaign & reporting: Includes configuration and management of a basic Google Ads campaign. We will include up to 30 applicable key phrases, one ad group (mobile and desktop), one ad (mobile and desktop), and a monthly budget that includes ad spend as well as discounted management labor. An automated monthly report will also be provided, via email. Changes to campaign will be quoted, upon request. The purpose of this add-on is to provide ad exposure for customers who do not currently have an online ad campaign. Custom ad campaign configuration is also  available. Please contact your account representative for more information.

Local listing optimization: Includes taking control of Google and Bing Places (or equivalent) accounts, and optimizing location information. The client’s cooperation will be required, to confirm ownership of the accounts.

Advanced SEO development (annually): Includes analysis of website, once content input has been finalized, and application advanced SEO development of on-page and back-end elements. Please contact your account representative for more information.

Existing site upgrade: For customers upgrading an existing Systems website to the new website package, this is a required fee, to account for additional work that is necessary during the process. In some upgraded cases, we may need to quote additional labor, based on need.

*Development, features, services, or products not expressed herein are subject to additional approval. Custom development requested by the client and performed by may not transfer properly upon standard CMS upgrade and/or new website theme application. Additional labor approval may be necessary to perform upgrades or updates on sites that include custom development, features or modules.