The old pay-your-way-to-the-top method to beat the competition in Google's search results, Google AdWords, is a great way to gain website traffic and provides one of the easiest-to-measure marketing solutions out there.

While search engine optimization is a must for every website, there's never a guarantee that your site will be the first result in any search engine. In fact, often times, it's a guarantee that your site won't show up in the first spot because it's being bought by somebody else, likely a competitor. Depending on how competitive campaigns are in your area, as many as four paid results can show up on top and the same number at the bottom of the page, thus dominating the search results for a given search.

What's great about using AdWords is that it synchronizes with Google Analytics to bring you a ton of data, which allows you to measure everything from what a user typed in Google before clicking on your ad, to which ad is most likely to lead to a user filling out the contact form. For these reasons, using AdWords is very beneficial because if you only pay when a user has actually reached your website. Meaning, thousands of users could see your ad without you paying a penny. Of course, the intention is for users to make it to the website by clicking the ad. When a user sees your ad, it's referred to as an impression.

For example, a typical clickthrough-rate (clicks per impressions) is 0.05%.  A typical cost-per-click for a pregnancy center could be $2. In this example, one $2 click with a clickthrough-rate of 0.05% would mean 2000 people saw the ad. Of course, the higher the clickthrough-rate the better, because it would indicate that users are more influenced to click your ad when they see it.

Another great reason for using Google AdWords is that it allows you to target users by location. This can be done via zip code, radius in miles, county, city, region, state, and country. This allows you to only pay for users that actually have a chance of being converted (making an appointment in the case of a pregnancy center). Meaning, while you only are paying for the clicks, you're also not going to get clicks from a user that's unlikely to convert because of their distance from your center. You can focus on just the users in your area.

There are many reasons to use Google AdWords, and we can say with confidence that it is the best way to increase traffic to your website. is a certified Google Partner, which allows us to take our campaigns even further. To learn more, feel free to send us a message!

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