Google Analytics is a fantastic tool that can provide you with powerful insight on how people are interacting with your site. If someone gets to your website, you may want to know how they got there. If someone is on your website and leaves, you may want to find out why they left. Analytics gives you all kinds of ways to see how effective your site is. This insight can help you figure out where your site needs improvement.

What exactly can Analytics do for your organization? Here are some ideas:

  • Find out how often your site is visited. If you had a modern website and was thinking you were getting a lot of traffic but wondering why it didn’t seem to change anything, you may want to see statistics on visits. Is there a problem that you’re not getting that others are?
  • Find out why people leave your site. If someone is on your site and they’re not getting anywhere or are stuck on one page, they may leave. If they leave, you’ll want to know why they did and what page they left on.
  • Find out what people tend to spend the most time. Which page is getting the most attention? What’s working on that page? Why are people more apt to spend more time on that page? Why isn’t anybody viewing another page? Looking at these data make it easier for you to focus your efforts on updating your site on specific pages that normally get the most attention.
  • It’s free! Without paying us or Google a dime, you can do just about anything you could need. That means that you aren’t paying for the valuable insight you’re getting on your visitors.
  • Set up goals for your site. What’s the main goal you want a visitor to your site to accomplish? Set up a path to see how people are getting to that goal. Maybe it’s getting a person to send an email, click a phone number, visit at least three pages, or maybe scrolling all the way through a blog post. See what people accomplish most.

Being free, Google Analytics is a great resource for analyzing how effective your website is. Let us know if you'd like this setup on your website!

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