Search Engine Optimization (more commonly, SEO), refers to the steps you can to make your website presence stronger. Specifically, it's what puts your website towards the top of Google's search results. The better your website's SEO is, the more traffic you'll receive on your website.

Every website has different goals for its users. Whether it's to have them fill out a contact form, make a purchase, dial a number, or to convince a user to come to the organization's physical location, websites should always have a goal. For pregnancy centers, the goal is to give those facing an unplanned pregnancy the encouragement they need to schedule an appointment. In this post, we'll discuss some basic things you can do with your website to help boost your SEO.

  • A simple way to help your website's SEO is to have a clear layout of all the content of each page. Basically, how hard is it for people to find what they're looking for on your website? If a user has a hard time finding the page they're looking for, it's an indication that your page layout could use some work. Think about the menu of your site. Are pages nested too deeply? Could it use some organization? Also, it's important that pages don't have too much information. Each page should be related to a specific topic. By doing so, it's easier for search engines to know what the topic of that page is, thus making it more relevant to searches that are similar.
  • The reason SEO is needed is not just so that people can find your website, but also that people who are looking for any relevant website end up on your website. If a girl is pregnant and is looking for help, chances are that if she searches for your center by name, you'll be at the top. However, if she's searching for "free pregnancy testing", SEO can put your site at the top of the results, should it be relevant. If your website isn't showing up when such a search is made, make sure you have relevant information on your website.
  • Staying proactive on a website will help SEO. As complex as Google's algorithms are, one thing we do know is that a website that is updated every week or even month, it's going to be preferred over a website for which the content hasn't been updated in three years. Keeping up with blogs, events, and making sure content is still relevant is a simple thing you can do to help that.
  • Along with the items above, there are many aspects of SEO that are more technical in nature, and require knowledge of the code behind the website. Often times, it requires special access to the website that most users aren't provided with for security purposes. If you've made searches for your website and seem to be having a hard time getting it to show up in search results, you may want to consider consulting your developer regarding what needs to happen for improvement.

SEO is crucial for many reasons. The main one is this: if your website isn't at the top of Google's results, another website is. The higher your website is, the more convincing it is to users that it will be helpful to click. If your website isn't even on the first page of Google, it's almost guaranteed to not be clicked.

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