We are LifeWeb.org, and we are passionate about life. We provide professional website design, development and hosting services to non-profit organizations focused on pregnancy care, end-of-life care, and other pro-life ministry, at discounted rates.

We’d love to come on board, and serve alongside you and your organization!


What We Offer

Web Services

We offer a wide variety of custom website development solutions and online services. We specialize in CMS development, and can provide you with the tools you need to completely manage the content on your website.


Custom Pro Development
User-Friendly Content Management
Client & Donor Site Design
Map Site Optimization
Mobile Responsive Development
Online Appointment Scheduling
SEO & Marketing
Donor Tools & Event Registration
Live Chat Tools
App Development


We work with the following companies to provide top-level solutions.




Why LifeWeb?

We have a heart for pro-life ministry, and are humbled to partner with many excellent organizations and efforts around the world. We know that many non-profit organizations have tight budgets, sub-comittees to report to, and tight timelines. We’ve seen it all, and do what we can to meet your needs where you are, and provide great results within your means

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